Gifted & Talented

I work with excellent young mathematicians. They really challenge me and push me further in my own understanding of mathematics.  I find that together we can explore, understand and gain a a better appreciation of maths. Maths is often taught by a paint by numbers method.  I was taught this way too and I believe that we are  about to enter a new and exciting realm for maths education.  I ‘m starting an MA in Maths Education at the Institute of Education to develop this interest further and support me in my work as a Gifted and Talented Maths Tutor.

Dan Meyer, talks about this paint by numbers approach and offers an inspiring model for alighting children’s enthusiasm and offering a deeper understanding for their learning.  The way I and you were probably taught is through teach, practice and test method.  My goal is to move away from such an approach and provide children with a more meaningful and personalised way of learning, using technology to support self-directed learning.

Tutoring can be massively beneficial for this group of children, many of whom, feel frustrated at school as they feel insufficiently challenged, which can in some case have far reaching implications for other aspects of a child’s life.