I’m a specialist GCSE Maths and science Tutor.

Foundation Students
I’ve been tutoring GCSE Maths and science for the past year, mainly focusing on lower ability students who complete the Foundation exam.  My job is to bolster the student’s confidence in Maths.  Anxiety, panic and “I’m not good at Maths” generally pervade their learning experiences.I find it helpful to start with their mental arithmetic before embarking on the topics for the examination.  Many children leave primary school with great mental arithmetic, to only lose it shortly after at secondary level.  I find this is a great starting point. In the first class, I give student’s a variety of questions graded according to their ability to get an accurate picture of what they already know and what they need to develop further. In the lead up to the examination, we work on showing sufficient workings out, managing time according to how questions are weighted and techniques to improve self study – a key skill to support all areas of their study.
Intermediate and Higher Students
If you child’s level is more of improving their grades in either mathematics or science, I have being helping my past student achieve better grades by encouraging and pushing them beyond their limit and at the same time catching fun in the process.Majority of my students achieve A grades especially if they attend the group tuition  classes.
FAQ for GCSE Tuitions

I’m a parent.  Can I tutor my child for GCSE Maths?

I think you might have to call in the experts for this one but then, there are lots home educators out there so there is nothing to say you couldn’t do it yourself.

When should I get a tutor and who should I employ?

If you are thinking about getting a tutor for GCSE Maths  then make sure not to leave it to the last minute.  It can be difficult to make a significant difference to a student’s grade in the exam, if tutoring is carried out over a short period of time. I am saying that, it’s not impossible.  Generally, I would suggest at least 6 months but 1 year is ideal.  It’s important to remember that your son/daughter has been preparing for this exam over several years.  Sometimes, it might be necessary for me to start from scratch.


What do I need to find out?

The examination board – Edexcel or AQA, the type of examination – Linear (a big exam at the end of year 11) or Modular (several exams throughout Year 10 and Year 11) and what grade your son/daughter would like to acheive

How can my son/daughter get the most out of the classes?

It’s important that they understand that I can’t sit the exam for them.  It’s going to take hard work.  This means homework, not reams and reams of it.  Just enough to practice what we’ve worked on in class. We’re talking an hour a week, maybe a bit more in the build up to the exam.

Where can I find practice papers?

You can find linear past papers at Edexcel.  Modular ones are harder to find – I hope to update a link soonish.

Not what you are after?  Need Key Stage 2, Gifted and Talented, Dyscalculia or QTS Skills Testand 11+.