I offer one of the most cheapest tuition fees in London and yet offer first class service as always I promise excellent quality and dedicated tutoring.

My Professional Fees:
Tutorial                     :         Rate
 Free Trial Lesson
   Key Stage 2 + 3     –    £20/hour
GCSE                       –    £30/hour
 AS Level                 –    £35/hour

10% discount on all pre-bookings of over 10 lessons.  If travelling a long distance I may need to charge an additional £5.

I ask for an advance payment of four classes after the first class if serious committment required. Otherwise, class booked one at at time for adhoc booking.

Advance payment of ten classes = 5% discount.

Free class for referral to another family.  Recommend me to 5 friends – if one books me, get a free class.

What do you get for this price?

  • a cheerful young experienced Maths tutor. I’m studying for an MA and I trained to become a primary teacher.
  • travel free tuition.  I travel to your home.  No need to juggle lifts with feeding your children.
  • on days when I cycle (and I try to do this as much as my body and timetable permits) you help to reduce carbon emissions
  • photocopies, cusinenaire rods, plastic coins, and any other resources I need
  • a free chocolate bar for you or your child.  I only do this on really special occasions and only if you or your child is super self motivated.  I don’t believe in bribes so no self motivation, no chocolate bar.
  • a smile

What you don’t get for this price?

  • I can’t guarantee success.  I try my damned hardest but there is no fail safe methodology for exam success – if a tutor tells you they can, don’t trust them.
  • tuition at my home.  I prefer not to mix home life with work life.
  • a Maths geek.  I love Maths but I have a life and I don’t spend my time in a dark room pondering over unsolved million dollar prize winning maths problems.