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First-Class Mathematics & Science Tuition
With introduction to the new A* grade at A level and rising demands for university places, it is becoming increasingly competitive for young students to stand out before good universities and recruiters. Coming from a Mathematics and science background myself I have seen the advantage of an excellent math’s GCSE, A-Level and Degree.

In the current economy top city firms will only accept a minimum A grade at GCSE and B at A-Level, so pupils could potentially reduce their career opportunities before they’ve even stepped into University! Be smart, take the initiative now and work with me to substantially improve your mathematics ability and you won’t regret it.

My name is Kenny Olowu, a young tutor living in South East London who recently finished my Masters in Web Programming and Business Computing from University of Westminster  as we;; as a First Class Degree in Biochemistry. I am a highly motivated and extremely driven individual and I try to inspire those traits in my students helping them bring out the best in themselves. I have a passion for tutoring and I know how to stimulate my students’ minds so that their learning process would be speedy and enjoyable. My strong reputation has grown rapidly during my 4 years experience as a tutor, having dramatically improved my students with varying skill level, ability and ethnicity. I possess unrivalled patience and understanding and I am able to bring out the best in my students mentoring them towards their challenging goals.

I have a unique method of tutoring which can be adapted whatever the skill level. My first objective, however, is to target my students’ enthusiasm for the subject and stir their minds so they grow a passionate and exciting approach to mathematics! Finally, it is my ardent belief that learning is a continuing process and if you will accord me the privilege to be your tutor, I can help you master the art of learning until one day, you’ll be able to teach yourself.